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Spanish Meals

Heading out to a Spanish restaurant in Liverpool means that you will no doubt be trying some delicious Spanish dishes that you may not have considered trying before. The good news is that Spanish food is unique, very tasty, and filling; you will not be disappointed.


Most people have heard of paella, although they may not have tried it. It is a colourful, tasty dish filled with a variety of vegetables and meats mixed with bright yellow rice. There are several different versions of this dish, but the Valencia version is a must if you can find it on a restaurant menu.

This is the area of Spain that developed paella, and you may find it made with either chicken, rabbit, or seafood. This is a slow-cooked dish, but the flavours develop well.


This dish is a tomato-based soup, served cold, and this description will often put people off, but it is definitely worth a try. Most restaurants will make it by using fresh ingredients, and it may include cucumber, peppers, garlic, olive oil and bread. Using only fresh ingredients will ensure that the flavours will mix properly.


Spanish ham is famous all over the world, and Jamon is served in very thin-cut slices with bread. It is often served as an appetiser, and occasionally it will be served alone. It is popular as tapas, and for most Spanish people, it is a major part of their daily diet. Some versions of this are quite expensive, depending upon the type of pig it is made from.

Patatas Bravas

The name of this dish translates as ‘brave potatoes’, and it is served as tapas. The potatoes are cut small, dried, and served with a very hot, spicy red sauce – hence the ‘brave’ in the name – although, in some restaurants, you may get a garlic-flavoured creamy sauce instead.