Spanish Restaurants

Tips for dining at a Spanish restaurant

There are a number of misconceptions about eating in Liverpool based Spanish restaurants, such as the menu being limited to paella and tapas or all the dishes containing large amounts of spices, but the truth is that Spanish restaurants offer a diverse range of dishes and the cuisine is delicious.

When you make your reservation at your nearest Spanish restaurant, you can do so knowing that you are sure to have a wonderful evening out.

Pick a good table

In some restaurants, there may be different seating areas. In the bar, where the food served is mainly tapas, you may not need to reserve a table, but in the more formal restaurant area, you may have to book in advance.

Check to see if the menu is limited at the bar area if you prefer to have a more informal table but want to order a dish from the main menu.

Read the menu

It is a good idea to read the menu carefully to avoid any surprises. In some Spanish restaurants, for example, if you order wine, it may be usual for them to bring you the whole bottle rather than just a glass, but this will be noted on the menu.

If you are only going in for drinks, some will serve you tapas free of charge at the same time. In some places, you may be charged for things like bread.


One of the best ways to eat in a Spanish restaurant is in a group. Check with your restaurant to see if they offer ‘platos’ or ‘raciones’, which are dishes designed for sharing.

This means that you get to try a few different types of food, and it means that you can order a few dishes and then order a few more if there are more things you want to try or if you find you’ve ordered something that only comes in small portions.

Do some research

It is worth taking a look at the menu in advance, particularly if there is someone dining with you who may have food allergies. With typical Spanish dishes containing seafood and other potential allergens, it is worth looking at the menu to see if there are suitable dishes before you book your table.

You should also make sure you speak to the staff about your dietary requirements. The chef may be able to assist in providing an alternative if there is nothing suitable on the menu.