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What are Pinchos?

If you love to visit Spanish restaurants in Liverpool and the surrounding areas, then you may have tried Pincho before. This is a traditional Spanish snack that is generally popular in parts of northern Spain, particularly in Cantabria and Navarre, among other regions.

Social snacks

As pinchos tend to be eaten in bars, they are usually seen as a snack eaten when socialising. They are very similar to tapas, but pinchos tend to be attached to a piece of bread with the help of a skewer or toothpick. However, in some restaurants, they may be referred to as tapas, and the two are very similar.

So, what sort of ingredients would you expect to find in pinchos? The fact is, almost anything can be used. In Basque Country, fish is a popular ingredient, so you may find hake, anchovy, or cod. This will be alongside stuffed peppers, croquettes, or tortilla de patatas.

Some types of pinchos are quite elaborate, so in more upper market establishments, you may find that they are quite expensive. You might also hear them referred to as pinchos morunos, which is slightly different. These are pieces of meat that have been marinated in oil, infused with spices such as paprika and then roasted.